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Modern Services Demand a DevOps Culture Beyond Apps Great video from Glenn O’Donnell at Forrester Research on DevOps. The benefits of DevOps span far beyond business applications and far beyond only the release phase. Business services are comprised of many components that fall under both infrastructure and applications umbrellas. These components come in a wide variety of forms (physical, virtual, and cloud), with the components changing states and relationships continually. DevOps becomes a necessity way of life in such complex, dynamic environments. DevOps relevance in new application development is well-known, but everything is now becoming software-defined, including the infrastructure. The same principles apply across the board, driving broader demand for the speed, flexibility, and dependability that comes from good DevOps thinking and practice. DevOps is not ju... (more)

Positive news about IT budgets in 2015 – The year of bigger IT budgets, consequences, and possibilities

By the claim of business professionals around the world, 2015 will be a time of commitment and expansion in the global economy’s use of information technology. Emboldened by the belief that high-pro­file technologies can ensure their companies the best route to pro­fits and affordable operations, executives and IT staff are ready to spend more money on mobile, cloud, and analytics. Read the source article at Insights Magazine The post Positive news about IT budgets in 2015 – The year of bigger IT budgets, consequences, and possibilities appeared first on Middleware-centric APM. ... (more)

How We Came Up with jKool, for Big Data Analytics

jKool LLC, a new company, spinning-off from Nastel Technologies is a highly scalable, SaaS solution for streaming analytics of Big Data. The jKool API is used to add real-time analytics to applications which will now be able to stream data into the service at jKoolCloud.com.  The service analyzes the data as it arrives, delivering its users instant insight. The story of the origin of jKool is interesting.  Some of Nastel’s customers found themselves hitting up against the upper limits of the performance and scalability of their relational databases.  These customers were trying t... (more)

Are You Riding the Java Performance Rollercoaster?

We all wish we could predict the future.  It would be wonderful to tell when a stock was going to go up before it did.  Unfortunately, most of us are not psychic.  In order to be successful in the stock market, you need to be lucky or spend a lot of time analyzing the behavior of the stocks.  Wouldn’t it be valuable if you were able to predict the up and down performance behavior of your Java applications and make adjustments to avoid unfavorable impacts on your company?  We find that one of the biggest impacts of not being able to predict application behavior, is that companie... (more)

Making Big Data into Small Data

It isn’t every day you get to write about Immanuel Kant and Big Data in the same blog post but last week Gartner Analyst Will Cappelli did just that. As you’ll see in his post, “AI and IAM: Will Two-Tier Analytics Become the Norm for IAM?” context is the key. Cappelli addresses Kant’s conclusion that human reasoning is a two-tier process that first involves what is—the contextual lens in which we view our existence—and how the pieces all relate to each other. From this standpoint, we reason and make decisions.   In technology, our view and approach to something like Big Data is im... (more)