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It isn’t every day you get to write about Immanuel Kant and Big Data in the same blog post but last week Gartner Analyst Will Cappelli did just that. As you’ll see in his post, “AI and IAM: Will Two-Tier Analytics Become the Norm for IAM?” context is the key. Cappelli addresses Kant’s conclusion that human reasoning is a two-tier process that first involves what is—the contextual lens in which we view our existence—and how the pieces all relate to each other. From this standpoint, we reason and make decisions.   In technology, our view and approach to something like Big Data is impacted by the context of our approach. Do we focus on the “big” part and the technologies required to store and retrieve it, or the “data” part that illustrates our ability to make sense of information and act on it? In our minds, we tend to separate the two, but K&C (Kant and Cappelli) both... (more)

Bain Is Going to Flip BMC – Are You At Risk?

Recently, BMC one of the “big four” software firms was acquired by a group of investors led by Bain Capital.  This is good news for Bain as they generally make a lot of money from their purchases before they divest what is unprofitable and milk whatever they can from those stuck with one of their products.  But, is it good news for you? I doubt it.  The acquisition by a private equity firm is unlikely to be a permanent state. It could lead to a company breakup with the parts auctioned off to separate owners.  But, it’s more likely that Bain intends to ‘flip’ BMC. In the real es... (more)

No Fragile, “Cobbled” Solution Need Apply

The number of vendors vying for the application performance management space has exploded in the last year. Almost every vendor in the space comes to it from a specific strength and has expanded its core offering to provide some level of application performance management (APM). What differentiates a strong APM solution from one that is a fragile, cobbled solution? Strong APM solutions are built to integrate into complex application environments. It won’t require you to replace your existing application monitoring tools. It will leverage them. Fragile APM solutions aren’t scal... (more)

Thinking of Moving Your Applications to the Cloud? Consider This

There is no escaping cloud computing. Every software package, service and even hardware is described as cloud-enabled. Seemingly, we are all headed into the clouds never to return. However, while the atmosphere is everywhere, the cloud decidedly is not. It is by definition remote - so if your applications require the highest in performance, cloud may not be the answer. Not all applications will completely move to the cloud. In some cases this will be by design and the type of application, while others won't be able to avoid migration pitfalls. For the percentage of business-critic... (more)

Elasticity – Have You Overlooked Its Importance to APM?

When it comes to business, no one outside IT cares about how you deliver consistent, dependable service — as long as you do it…and do it inexpensively.  Customers want a no-pain, no-problem experience at the checkout stand or internet shopping cart. The business wants to prevent customer attrition and order fallout by keeping them happy.  They also need to be able  grow without the expansion revealing inadequacies in the IT enterprise. Application performance monitoring (APM) is a recognized solution for keeping the pain of growth to a minimum and for identifying problems before... (more)