Application Performance Management

Charles Rich

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jKool LLC, a new company, spinning-off from Nastel Technologies is a highly scalable, SaaS solution for streaming analytics of Big Data. The jKool API is used to add real-time analytics to applications which will now be able to stream data into the service at jKoolCloud.com.  The service analyzes the data as it arrives, delivering its users instant insight. The story of the origin of jKool is interesting.  Some of Nastel’s customers found themselves hitting up against the upper limits of the performance and scalability of their relational databases.  These customers were trying to acquire insight into their customer data in order to make strategic decisions for competitive advantage.  And to further complicate the situation, the value in the data had a shelf-life.  If they didn’t figure out what the data meant quick enough, it would be stale and worthless. At Naste... (more)

No Fragile, “Cobbled” Solution Need Apply

The number of vendors vying for the application performance management space has exploded in the last year. Almost every vendor in the space comes to it from a specific strength and has expanded its core offering to provide some level of application performance management (APM). What differentiates a strong APM solution from one that is a fragile, cobbled solution? Strong APM solutions are built to integrate into complex application environments. It won’t require you to replace your existing application monitoring tools. It will leverage them. Fragile APM solutions aren’t scal... (more)

The True Costs When IT Is Silo, Not Application Centric

The development of IT environments have naturally led to complexity. Put it down to the very nature of capitalism. Different vendors working together to achieve a common goal isn’t a common occurrence. Each vendor has over the years developed its own monitoring and reporting systems. This is all well and good for each specific application or system. It doesn’t work effectively when applications are executing across an IT enterprise comprised of everything from mainframe to cloud. What Is the True Cost of Silo Not Application Centric Monitoring? Many of these cost are so ingrained ... (more)

Is Your APM Solution Tricking or Treating You?

Performance! Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is promoted as the best way to keep all the applications that serve your business available and performing properly. Though when it comes to the main IT challenges your business faces, you may be wondering if all the talk isn’t just hype. TRAC research stated in a recent webinar that 63 percent of IT time is spent troubleshooting performance issues. Sixty-one percent say they want to identify performance issues before they affect end users, while 48 percent want to reduce their IT management costs and 42 percent of IT manager... (more)

Application Performance Monitoring Checklist for Your CIO

CIOs are under extraordinary pressure from their boards to better manage competitive pressures, accomplish sustainable cost reduction, and meet regulatory compliance standards. While they often look to their Information Technology (IT) organizations to deliver on these requirements, IT itself isn't always sure just how it will get this done. But, there are approaches to effectively responding to this set of challenges - Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is one of these. IT can utilize APM to proactively resolve application performance situations before there is significant... (more)