Application Performance Management

Charles Rich

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Whether you’re a budding company or you’ve just launched a new website, chances are you’ll start experiencing steady increases in site traffic as you expand your business. You may be equipped for a few dozen customers now, but what happens when you reach thousands or (ideally) hundreds of thousands?  If your site isn’t prepared for sudden or even gradual traffic spikes, you may end up with seriously slow response times or even a crashed server. It’s vital for online companies to have plans in place to deal with traffic surges—before they actually happen. Otherwise, your customers’ experiences can be negatively impacted by sluggish load times and downtime. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Scalability is a site’s ability to function in the same capacity with 100,000 users as it would with 10 users. There are two very important factors to ... (more)

What to expect from application performance monitoring tools

Without effective performance management, applications suffer response time delays, anger customers and ruin employee productivity. Trial-and-error troubleshooting and poor visibility into problems cause outages. Both situations make key business functions effectively unavailable for long periods of time, choking off the sales and production cycle. An APM tool must discover root causes and then identify fixes rapidly. Look for tools that can troubleshoot proactively as well as reactively. Are problem reports easy to use and on-point? Can you drill down deeply into any tier of t... (more)

Security and Privacy Breaches: A Better Approach

  More firms believe they are prepared to react to security and privacy breaches, according to a new research survey. Organizations are preparing for threats, and research shows they are continuing to invest in security tools and strategy. Cybercriminals are moving past new security measures, cracking and stealing customer and corporate data from the cloud. Midsize firms can better address security needs by continuously investing in development, implementation and maintenance of innovative and adaptable strategies to better combat malicious behavior without requiring additiona... (more)

How We Came Up with jKool, for Big Data Analytics

jKool LLC, a new company, spinning-off from Nastel Technologies is a highly scalable, SaaS solution for streaming analytics of Big Data. The jKool API is used to add real-time analytics to applications which will now be able to stream data into the service at jKoolCloud.com.  The service analyzes the data as it arrives, delivering its users instant insight. The story of the origin of jKool is interesting.  Some of Nastel’s customers found themselves hitting up against the upper limits of the performance and scalability of their relational databases.  These customers were trying t... (more)

Bain Is Going to Flip BMC – Are You At Risk?

Recently, BMC one of the “big four” software firms was acquired by a group of investors led by Bain Capital.  This is good news for Bain as they generally make a lot of money from their purchases before they divest what is unprofitable and milk whatever they can from those stuck with one of their products.  But, is it good news for you? I doubt it.  The acquisition by a private equity firm is unlikely to be a permanent state. It could lead to a company breakup with the parts auctioned off to separate owners.  But, it’s more likely that Bain intends to ‘flip’ BMC. In the real es... (more)